Medical Support to Uzbekistan from Beston Amusement

Beston offers the medical support and donates the anti epidemic drugs to help Uzbekistan to fight against the epidemic! Besides, Beston supplies various medical supplies for customers worldwide to choose from! Beston will fight together with you all to embrace the new development and new future!

Beston Amusement, Aimix Machinery and Beston Green Facilities, which are managed by Golee Group, organized the donation jointly on July 23th. The donation aims to Uzbekistan and contains 4000 boxes of drugs that is against epidemic. These anti-epidemic drugs are given to the local government through the Embassy of Uzbekistan.

Medical Support to Uzbekistan from Beston Amusement
Medical Support to Uzbekistan from Beston Amusement


At present, the prevalent epidemic wrought havoc, and the whole amusement industry is in the downturn period. Therefore, the only way out is to help each other and fight against the epidemic together. We believe the sunshine always comes with the storm, and we believe we can carry through the difficult times soon. We believe the recovery and development of amusement industry will come soon!

All staff of Beston amusement sincerely wish you and your family good health and all the best.
We believe that the war against the epidemic will come to an end soon!
And we will win in the end.

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