Techno Jump Smile Ride For Sale

Beston techono jump fairground ride

Perfect Amusement Attraction Techno Jump

The techno jump ride, also called as jump and smile ride, It is  a perfect fairground attraction for adults.  The bouncing style park ride is very interesting. After moving it will rotary and jumping with the music. When you join  it,  You will up and down with the arms when the ride when 360 degree rotary. It is widely used in many places, such as, theme park, playground,  funfairs and carnivals etc. We believe the kids and adults will both like jump and smile very much.

Quality Jump And Smile Ride For Sale From Beston

As a famous carnival rides manufacturer in China, Beston supply qualty jump smile rides for sale at competitive price.  Our techno jump is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics(FRP), equipped with gorgeous lighting, great music, Non-fading and durable painting.   It is adopted to the most advanced PLC display technology, combined high-speed rotation with frequency jumping together, and impressed passengers endless unforgettable thrill feeling, Different PLC process will offer you different surprising experience.

Specifications Of Beston Techno Jump Rides

Expect the general bouncing rides, Beston also provide other wonderful  theme jumping rides, Such as plane, bear, bee kangaroo and so on, the color can be customzied. Custom first is our obligation! If you want to purchase techno jump rides, Beston will be your ideal supplier.

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24 seats techno ride for sale
24 seats techno ride for sale

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24 seats techno ride for sale at competitive price

Item: BNJM-24B
Diameter: 13m
Height: 5m
Power: 40KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 24 persons



[sc name=”kangaroo jumping ride BNHK-6 BNHK-8″]

[sc name=”Self-control flying bee BNRB-6 BNRB-8″]

[sc name=”Self control airplane BNSC-6 BNSC-8″]

[sc name=”flying bear and sheep ride BNFB-16″]

How To Buy The Jumping Rides From Beston?


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